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Grace Church Lifestyle Teaching Classes

9:45 Am

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Stepping Up

Come spend six very enjoyable weeks on Sunday morning with the senior pastor...learn about the opportunities that you can step into in service for the Lord at Grace Church.

Taught by Pastor Randy Berg

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Genesis Encounter

Come learn about God's dealings with men since the beginning of creation....And how it all has dynamic applications on how we can live today! Patricia will open the word of God to great men and women who had great faith, and show you how you can have the same encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Taught by Patricia Ellis


Encounters With The I Am

Come join us on the last Sunday of each month with Gloria Beeler as she leads us in an evangelistic anointing with the Holy Spirit. This is a time to get refreshed and touched by God's spirit. 

Grace Builders Discipleship class

As true followers of Christ, His amazing grace can build us up in every way. In this class we will bring forth biblical foundations and teach about His Lordship in our lives. You will emerge from this class knowing who you are in Christ and as a true follower of Him.

Taught by 

Epic Youth


Today's youth have no desire for "been there done that" youth ministry...they want something real that makes the word of God interesting, and allow them to experience God's presence in a powerful way! Epic youth meets every Sunday at 9:45 in the fireplace.



Taught by

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