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What We believe…


• There is One God, eternally perfect and existing in the three Persons of the

    Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.


• In the Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His pre-existence with the Father,

   virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, His atoning death through His shed blood,

   bodily resurrection, ascension to the Father's right hand and His future return

   to this Earth in power and glory.


• That the present ministry activity of the Holy Spirit continues in the church as

   shown in the Book of Acts, in the vital importance of relying upon the Holy

   Spirit's voice and power to live as Jesus lived and please the Father.


• The Bible is God's Word to us, that it was written through holy men under

   direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that it is the supreme source and qualifier

   of truth, that it is without any mixture of error and is authoritative for Christian

   living, that it is thoroughly reliable for establishing beliefs and practices in the

   local church.  (11 Tim. 3:16, 11 Peter 1:20-21)


• That man was made in the image of God, that man chose independence, became a fallen being and this resulted in spiritual separation from his Creator, that man has lost the ability to attain his greatest potential, as originally intended for him, apart from the grace of God.


• That the only means of being forgiven, cleansed and restored from sin to a

   relationship with Father God is by God's grace, that this grace is experienced

   through a true personal sorrow, repentance and faith in the sacrificial atoning

   blood of the Lord Jesus Christ to blot out our sins, that one must believe this in

   their heart and speak it as truth from their mouth to be saved (Rom. 10:9-10)


• That those who speak of personal faith in Christ will then experience guidance

   from the Holy Spirit to renounce certain unholy lifestyle behaviors, habits and

   actions which reflect upon their genuineness of faith, that a salvation experience only begins the process of our new life. ...which is to develop the character of Christ within and live outwardly for Him.





• In following the Lord's example of being baptized by full immersion into water,

   that when we do this it shows our sincerity, humility, loyalty, thankfulness and

   a complete personal identifying with Jesus' death, burial and resurrection.


• In the importance of regular participation in the Lord's Supper as both a

   remembrance of His sacrificial death and the anticipation of His literal return.


• That Christ's sacrifice provides for healings in every area of our being, spirit,

   soul and body. (Matt. 8:16-17, 1 Thess. 5:23)


• In the baptism with the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:16-17, 11:15-16) which the Bible

   clearly teaches and which provides the full empowering needed to witness (Acts

   1:8), that this greatly enhances our capacity to serve and flow in giftings (Acts

   19:1-6), that often times 'this doesn't occur because one hasn't asked, sought,

   knocked...yet Jesus promises this to those who will ask (Luke Il :9-13, Acts

   2:37-39), that all of the spiritual gifts cited in the Bible are operative today and

   are a confirmation of Christian ministry in action. (Mk 16:15-18)


• That the typical observed evidence or initial physical sign of people in the Bible

   experiencing baptism with the Holy Spirit was the release of their spirit to pray

   in a language previously unknown to them. We believe that the numerous Book

   of Acts experiences of this by many people groups continues to today.

   Realizing the obvious benefits of one’s spirit being released to pray, worship and

   be personally edified, we encourage all to intensely pursue this liberation of

   their spirit.... Otherwise referred to as the "gift of the Holy Spirit" in Acts 2:38,

   10:45-46 ("the same gift" in 11:17). For those who've served the Lord well

   without this, consider just how much more effective a Christian is when their

   spirit is released to pray, without hindrance, to God. (Acts 8:14-17, 10:44-46,



• In the priesthood of every true Christ-follower, we believe that, through the veil

   of Christ, we now have direct access by faith (Rom. 5:1-2, I Peter 2:5,9) to draw

   near to God, offer Him our sacrifices of praise and experience His manifest

   presence in our intense worship of Him, that we can administer communion to

   our families, that we are anointed to pray and prophesy over others for a variety

   of needs and flow in the ministries recognized in us by the local church.


• In the necessity of exercising our spiritual authority against the enemy so as to

   rescue our families and others for the glory of God (Luke 10:19), that God also

   commissions angels as ministering spirits to aid us in spiritual battles and

   prevail in Jesus' Name.



• That Jesus commissioned apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers

   to serve in fully equipping all Christians for ministries (Eph. 4:11-12), that

   those individuals, or at least their emphasis, should be operational in the local

   church for the very purposes Jesus instituted them (Eph. 4:13-16), that we

   might grow in unity, spirituality, maturity, balance, and compassionate



•That the main purpose of the church is to pursue its vision with the stabilizing

   balances of ministry, worship, outreach, fellowship and spiritual training for all

   Christ-followers, that we are a transformation-station for souls.


• There is ultimately only one united church which represents the Body of Christ

   to this world. We therefore affirm, without any sectarianism, all who are truly

   saved as its members. We also believe that the local church should be

   autonomous and accountable to God to responsibly represent His nature, power and compassion to the church's local community.


• In the literal second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ initiated by the rapture or

   "catching away" of the church, in His return to rule upon the earth, in the

   resurrection of the saved to eternal life and the lost to eternal damnation, in the

   ultimate victory of the eternal kingdom of God.


• In the sanctity of human life, that life begins at conception, in chastity for

   Christian singles and in the sacredness of Christian marriage as set forth in the

   Word of God.


• That our Lord Jesus Christ has commissioned all of us to be spiritual light and

   truthful salt to our government as well as our community, that we should

   therefore, regularly endeavor to influence both of these to improve our quality of life and give people more reasons to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Randy Berg - What We Believe
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